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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


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Russ K

Hey, Just catching up on your beautiful blog. (Your photos are stunning!)
I haven't thought of popovers since I was little. What a great idea. I even have a silicone popover pan I was using for freezing portions of baby food. (And never thought of using it to make popovers?!?) I'll print this off and give them a try!

Russ K

Just wanted to report that my effort to do popovers in a silicone pan turned out beautifully! I didn't preheat the form since the silicone is so thin. The popovers turned out a perfect golden brown and puffed themselves right out of the form. So light and airy! I served them to my mother who was very impressed and acknowledged that I had surpassed her greatest attempts at popovers. (Big kudos from a great cook!) Thanks for bringing this treat to my attention!

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