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  • Location: United States

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Professional, Mom, Wife, Gardener, Wanna-be Chef.


I live in Seattle, WA with my wonderful husband, J and two young sons, A and R. Also have an adorable canine, Casey.

My dream is to have my own restaurant some day, but in the interim, I enjoy cooking, eating, talking about food, reading about food, sourcing good food....basically you get the point - FOOD!

Over the last few years, I have also become very interested in sustaining the now thriving local farming community in the Puget Sound area. I pride myself on knowing where to get the 'good stuff' in this part of the country. I am trying to convert everyone I know into a locavore.


Cooking, reading, checking out restaurants, gardening, collecting cookbooks, pottery, hanging out with friends and family. My addictions: Chocolate, pottery, netflix, TiVO.