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Thursday, October 09, 2008


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Chandra Hampson

Hi Susmita, I made this recipe and the sauce was absolutely perfect!! I have a few questions though. Until the dish had sat in the fridge for a week the turnips were particularly "turnipy" (Chris' comment) or bitter. Maybe it was the turnips I selected. Do you know how to avoid this? I thought it was interesting that it diminished over time.

Also, is the red chili powder cayenne or one of the sweeter mexican style chili powders? I assumed you meant cayenne as, while I have many versions of the pure chili powder most of the store-bought "chili powders" come with cumin, oregano etc. already mixed in. I threw in a little cayenne and a little bright red chili (I forget which variety).

I used the same sauce to make cauliflower and it came out nicely as well but wanted to ask if you would make any changes when using cauliflower?

Anyway, I love your blog. It inspires me to cook even when I'm completely exhausted. Who takes the pictures? They are beautiful.


When turnips are 'young', they are very tender and sweet. When they are harvested a bit late, they tend to get fibrous and/or bitter. So basically, some of it may be bad luck, but I think you can avoid bad ones by choosing slightly smaller ones. Hope that helps.
As goes chili powder, cayenne would work. I use the red chili powder you get in Indian stores (it tends to be more potent).
Glad you liked the recipe. As goes Cauliflower curry, this recipe would work pretty well.
And I take the pictures myself :-)


Love this! We make this once a week now that we are getting tons of potatoes in our CSA. I have also made this with okra and eggplant. Thanks!

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